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Without differentiating between the two, name your favorite and least favorite pokemon! I’m gonna try and guess which is your favorite and which one is your least favorite (i’ll make a master post later replying to all of them with my guess if i manage to become less sleepy, tagged as game) okay ;v; ?

  1. kama-chan answered: Furret Trubish
  2. howembarrasing answered: Dugtrio, Quagsire!
  3. celticmagician answered: Koffing and Rapidash
  4. blastopf answered: Spiritomb, Glaceon
  5. encyclopika answered: This is gonna be easy, but: Pikachu & Mr.Mime.
  6. mischievous-robot answered: Wartortle and Mr. Mime
  7. mentalatrocity answered: favorite-Swampert least favorite- defense mode doexys is a scrub
  8. dragonicvanguard answered: Mightyena unknown
  9. mlensha0 answered: (I think I’ve told you what my favourite is so second favourite). Mienshao and Eevee
  10. 00q-or-die answered: Gyarados and Lilligant
  11. wifeyifan answered: cofagrigus and palkia
  12. meisterkid answered: Blaziken and Dunsparce
  13. riemochi answered: Chandelure and Durant
  14. swordoath answered: Mine’s pretty easy, but Mesprit and Dragonite.
  15. f13inal answered: Gardevoir fav Emboar least fav
  16. reprimandtheirdaughters answered: Hoothoot and Vaporeon :)
  17. vofmanyhauntings answered: darkrai lillipup
  18. sarurunkamui answered: Drapion and Arcanine
  19. nanabobo567 answered: Slowbro, Dialga!
  20. guiltyhearts answered: Grovyle, Dugtrio
  21. caretakerofmyth answered: Probopass, Eevee
  22. whatthehell-is-a-gigawatt answered: Ivysaur, Snubbull
  23. cochinolatino said: Blastoise,Charizard
  24. pristinely-ungifted answered: jigglypuff and drapion
  25. tiniestvolcano said: vanilluxe and gardevoir
  26. tsmitters123 answered: Fav: Torkoal (idn why?…I just love it) Least fav: Dunsparce (its a weird pokemon)
  27. chiliechii answered: Durant and Flygon
  28. travispk10 answered: Lucario and Luvdisc
  29. homusbizarreadventure answered: Eevee and dunsparce
  30. suchasleepypanda said: Blastoise and Togekiss
  31. commanderdj answered: Gible, and Absol
  32. simplisticjoys answered: Chirami (Minccino) and Snivy :D
  33. mothballsandtumbleweeds answered: Castform and Rapidash
  34. vessel-of-ineptitude answered: Shelmet and Gliscor
  35. mightyspookypallyranger said: Vanillite - Lapras
  36. master-thief-york answered: clefable and dustox
  37. de-kachin answered: Typhlosion Dragonite
  38. lovelygonads answered: Swampert Serperior
  39. haku-yu-ki answered: Delibird Charizard
  40. internet-grab-my-tumblr answered: Tropius and Burmy
  41. gleameyes answered: Luxray and Smoochum
  42. foldnfold answered: Probopass, Joltik
  43. sir-goggles answered: Eelektross and Mew
  44. rainbowzodiac answered: Stunfisk Torchic
  45. bloodrobotics said: Glaceon And Chikorita :)
  46. nothingcanbegained answered: Sunflora, Eevee
  47. arexual answered: Geodude and Tropius!