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In your opinion, which trainer has the most appealing hairstyle?

  1. rpdjcamrenblogs answered: Soulsilver Trainer :P
  2. necuratul answered: Im jealous of Hilda’s and the new gen.6 female trainer’s hairstyle; I think Hugh and Silver have the most attractive hairstyles.
  3. blazingcobaltx answered: Touko
  4. dragonitedelight answered: Green/Blue/Gary. Is there any other answer?
  5. leecario answered: IRIS
  6. devkyu answered: Probably N. I really like the long, feathery look to it. Silver (HGSS) also has a really nice cut.
  7. chronicbackstabbingdisorder answered: Wes.
  8. thatgryffindork said: Cynthia
  9. reye-chan answered: Chris! Gotta love that blue hair!
  10. mizujakkaru answered: Crasher Wake. …Oh wait… In all seriousness, I like Sabrina’s best. *w* Hime-cuts are pretty.
  11. hailedmercury answered: Kyouhei. Duh.
  12. the-optimistic-nihilist answered: Brendan. It will never be a hat to me.
  13. gowthers answered: I dunno. They all look like they belong in shampoo commercials, so it’s hard to say. Maybe N or White.
  14. imgayforshiek answered: I like Sabrina’s hair in HG/SS, or Clair or Cynthia. for guys. I like the R/S/E CoolTrainer, Lance, James, and Lucian.
  15. buddhayoung answered: Red. His hair is the closest to my own :)
  16. spooky-valkyrie answered: Hilda or Cynthia
  17. juan-lannister answered: Dawn!!!
  18. mikiisandre answered: hilda. or lyra.
  19. the-pokemon-master12345 answered: Mei or Rosa or whatever her name is.
  20. peachofthesunshine answered: Mei or Touko!
  21. thoughtful-rabbit answered: girl: rosa/dawn, boy: blue
  22. pokerockin answered: How has nobody mentioned Mirror B. yet? His pokeball afro is the best!
  23. darkflierr answered: White/Hilda
  24. foldnfold answered: I love Hilbert’s hair for boys and Leaf’s hair for girls.
  25. captainnem0 answered: umm i think blacks hair style appeals to me the most since my hair does the same in a hat
  26. mafuyuu said: May from ruby/sapphire/emerald.
  27. pokepoops answered: Honestly… Male Psychics from Ruby Sapphire, and Emerald.
  28. virazvitalia answered: iris because she can hide things in her hair i just imagine her releasing all her pokemon from her hair while i whip my hair plays in the bac
  29. phil-wrayson answered: The girl trainer on B/W 1
  30. theghosthost answered: Rosa!
  31. honeybriar answered: Touko/Hilda
  32. pasteldragonite said: Crystal!! ♥
  33. drearydemon said: Silver. All the other protagonists are pretty much the same. Short black hair. And all the other antagonist’s hair styles are wacky.
  34. megarasami answered: I’m a fan of Hilda’s!
  35. kittyichooseyou said: Hilda
  36. genshi-groudon answered: hmm… for the girls, I’d probably have to say Cynthia. and for the guys… Drayden? :D
  37. gleameyes said: Dawn!!
  38. tahalika answered: Rosa has easily the best hair.
  39. shinypawniard said: I like Ash’s hair ahahaa ||D;
  40. my-stereo-heart-beats-for-you answered: White <3
  41. sp00kyphysics answered: I hate the name Hilda, but I love her long thick hair. And I have a thing or ponytails.
  42. furuyasatoru answered: green oak or hugh fluffballs 2 the max
  43. takomomo answered: Dawn, although I’m really not a fan of her as a character. ;w;
  44. phloon said: Mei!!! Her buns are so cute
  45. red-data-boy answered: Lyra, I just love her. The girl in HG and SS. It’s her anime name
  46. antifurry said: Pineapple babe Kyouhei :Y