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New short summary: credits to Dephender for translation
Summary: Tower of Mastery! The History of Mega Evolution!!
"Right as the Gym match against Korrina at the Shalour Gym is about to start, Team Rocket steals their book of secrets."
Blurb (under the Pikachu picture): "Pikachu goes up against Korrina using the "rhythm strategies" taught by Tierno."
Ash using Tierno’s strategy VS Korrina: confirmed! :D

Today is this blog’s first birthday! I’d like to say, thank you all for supporting me on Tumblr and getting me up to three thousand followers in Sunday! I’d never thought I’d get this much so fast! 
Also, thanks for those who have been there for me and care about me and stuff like that, it actually makes me feel glad to see that from you people! This list will contain those blogs that I see on my dash that make me feel happy about their presence. 
And if you’re offended about me not adding you in this list, don’t be, because I had to cut down a lot of people to maintain space, but that doesn’t mean I dislike your blog in general. So, go check these people out!
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I owe Unova so much

leecario replied to your post: anonymous said:did you ever had a…

I’m adding this to the list of things I won’t ever let Aliya forget


Anonymous sent: did you ever had a genwunner phase?

Not exactly… At least not for gen 1 ahh….

I did have a “pokemon elitist” stage where I didn’t really like gen 4 and I thought everything after gen 3 kinda sucked. It almost ruined gen 5 for me (when the pokemon were first coming out via coro coro leaks, I thought all of the Unova pokemon were horrible. I didn’t even like the character designs at first, from the ones I saw). Luckily gen 5 was so fabulous that it buried my elitist mindset and I grew to even love parts of gen 4!! So thank you unova ;A;

i just kinda felt like making a list of pokemon that I have a lot of feelings about. They aren’t in order for the most part, and bolded pokemon are extra special, sentimentally. ^^ I’m probably going to end up editing this later because i definitely forgot a lot. it’s 3am so

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I’m going to start a blog called “Is Serena a Coordinator Yet?”

I present to you: is-serena-a-coordinator-yet