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KutaKuta Plush Hangtag

joining the bandwagon
plus pichu is too cute
I shocked myself and fainted!
Anonymous sent: who is your fave male protag then? :O

maybe red or touya!

Anonymous sent: Honestly I imagine if u paint it the quality wouldn't be as good as just getting a custom one. It could be uneven/bumpy or get chipped. (Personally I love heal balls, even though they're only useful for Pokemon that'll go to your party & the only heal ur Pokemon when you first catch them. I don't know why but I love them!!)

Hmm I think it would depend on the type of paint you use and how good you are at it! ^^ I’m sure some trainers would be totally pro at it ;v;

And yeah, that’s true! It’d be nice if heal balls had more use. But at least they’re so cute!